Deputies provide Midlands residents with holiday safety tips

Deputies provide Midlands residents with holiday safety tips

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Christmas is just days away, but the threat of danger is always present.

With that in mind, Richland County deputies are urging residents to safeguard their home before travelling away and to be vigilant while driving.

Deputies say burglars are looking for signs that you aren't home. Make sure you have someone collect your mail or newspaper while you're gone. Have someone place your trash on the curb on collection day and occasionally park a car in the driveway. Authorities also urge travelers to let someone know where you're going and when you plan to be back. If you lose your keys to your home or move into a new home, change the locks immediately.

Deputies also say you should keep your tank at least half full during this time of year. Parking in well-lit areas is also strongly suggested and parking in underground or enclosed garages is not recommended. Shoppers are encouraged to keep valuable out of sight or in the trunk of their vehicles. Drivers are urged to travel with doors locked and windows rolled up. Deputies stress that no one, pets included, should be left alone in a vehicle despite moderate temperatures.

When staying at a hotel, guests are asked to check their surroundings while making their way to or from your room. When registering, use a business address. Female guests are urged to sign in using only a first initial and a last name. Be sure the locks on the door work properly and always use the peep home on the door to identify visitors. Also, memorizing the name and address of your hotel as well as your room number is highly recommended.

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