2015 Year in Review #9: Officers killed in the line of duty

2015 Year in Review #9: Officers killed in the line of duty

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Sadly, the Midlands lost two of its heroes in blue this year.

Forest Acres Police Officer Greg Alia and Columbia Police Officer Stacy Case both died doing what they loved- protecting others.

Two officers killed in the line of duty.

32-year-old Forest Acres Police Officer Greg Alia was a seven-year veteran of the police department.  He was killed shortly after 8 the morning of September 30. He was responding to a suspicious person call about a van outside the Richland Mall and encountered 34-year-old Jarvis Hall. 

"He became uncooperative," Forest Acres Police Chief Gene Sealey said. "At this time the individual fled the officers on foot.He ran through Richland Mall."

"Officer Greg Alia encountered the individual and a struggle," Sealey said. "During the struggle, this individual drew a handgun and shot officer Alia.    The other two officers that were there with officer Alia were able to subdue the individual."

Officer Alia died.

"He was an outstanding young man," Sealey said.

Hall is charged with murder, possession of a stolen weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle, replacing a license plate, resisting arrest and receiving stolen goods.

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A little more than a month later, the Midlands was hit with another tragedy when Columbia Police Officer Stacy Case died in a fatal crash on her way to a shots fired call.

"There's nothing that prepares you for an event such as this," Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said. "It just shakes you to the core."

It was around 10 p.m. on November 7 when a 911 call came in about gunfire in Columbia's Vista. One man was found shot dead. Columbia police later learned it was a suicide.

Officer Case was driving to the scene and collided with a USC policeman who also was responding to the call.

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University of South Carolina Police Sgt. Allan Bolin was rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Stacy Case, though, died from her injuries shortly after the crash.

While USC says Sergeant Bolin did not break the law or department policy, USC is reviewing its police training.

CPD has since changed its policy, requiring all officers come to a complete stop at intersections even during emergencies.

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