Elgin man turns home into holiday wonderland

Elgin man turns home into holiday wonderland

ELGIN, SC (WIS) - An Elgin man is hoping to bring joy to children battling cancer through the joy of Christmas lights.

Elgin Lights is the annual display put on by Paul Towns and his family.

"It's a whole lot of moving and action and stuff going on," Paul Towns said.

For the past 18 years, Towns has been turning his home into a Christmas wonderland. The display has more than 30,000 lights and six buildings filled with antique displays. Towns says it is pricey to put on the show.

"Myself and my wife pay for everything," Towns said. "We probably spend 2,000-3,000 on just lights and material to put this thing together."

Towns doesn't charge for admission, instead he accepts donations. All of the money, goes toward sending children battling cancer to Camp Kemo.

"Those children don't have the opportunity to live like normal children. They're either in hospitals or going to doctors all the time so they don't get the chance to have that childhood," Towns said. "Camp Kemo is seven days long and they get to be children out there."

Towns started donating to Camp Kemo in 2004 after 11-year-old Cole Sawyer died from a rare form of cancer. That was also the year Towns was diagnosed with cancer. He says this year's show has been the most difficult one to plan due to his sickness.

"I've been in and out of the hospital a lot this summer," Towns said. "I've been in chemotherapy three times this year and radiation three times. This is what keeps me alive. If it wasn't for this Christmas show I don't know if I'll be around anymore."

Towns says this could possibly be his last Christmas and he has one wish.

"We estimate it's about 500 per child just to get them to camp and that's what we kinda strive for," Towns expressed. "So if I hit 10,000 that's 20 kids we can send to camp.

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