My Take: Guest Editorial Gun Violence

My Take: Guest Editorial Gun Violence

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - I'm Reverend Kevin Ogilvie from St. James Lutheran Church in Lexington and I am presenting this editorial to share "My Take" on gun control, the state of Christianity and recent tragedies which have rocked our community.

A disturbing parody once referenced gun violence towards "Jolly Ol' St. Nick" to the tune of "Jingle Bells."

That parody of a beloved Christmas song was funny 50 years ago when I was just beginning adolescence. It is just that:  adolescent. I believe it glorifies violence that is gratuitous and as real as a cartoon where victims spring back to life after each horrendous attack. It seems gun violence in our society is beyond epidemic.  Within a week we've witnessed- horrific mass shootings in Colorado and California as our state continues to heal from its own tragedies this year. It isn't funny. 

This holiday season started with a trivial complaint that Starbucks had become anti-Christmas and anti-Christian because they took the holiday designs off their red Christmas cup. The furor was huge, if short lived. Some Christians, myself included, have become alarmed as church participation rates have fallen back to pre-Baby Boom levels though, truth be told, we are not in danger of losing our majority. I believe we are in danger of losing our moral compass because we focus on the wrong issues.

It is my opinion, Palmetto State Armory has used the Jingle Bells parody and 4 other equally disturbing send-ups of Christmas icons to encourage sales and, with adolescent glee, glorify gun violence. It is one thing to advertise your product and a controversial product at that.  

It is another to mock the pain and despair people feel at the violence around us and to mock the faith commitments of those who believe in the One whose birth is celebrated -- the Prince of Peace.
Christians and all people of faith and of good will need a rational, adult dialogue about the place of firearms in our society. We need it now. It is not a laughing matter.

I'm Dr. Kevin Ogilvie, and this is my take, what's yours?

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