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My Take: Spring Valley High incident

Once again. South Carolina is in the world spotlight. This time because of an ugly incident that happened inside a Midlands classroom. You've likely seen the video by now -- a student appears to be defying the orders of school officials and a Richland County school resource officer. The deputy eventually yanks the student out of her desk and drags her along the floor.
Several angles of the incident almost immediately went viral. Everybody seems to have an opinion on this one. Some in favor of the deputy, who was fired two days later, and some against.
I, for one, think that taking one side of this story is ultimately misguided because there are so many angles to consider in this case - the importance of education, the role of law enforcement in education, and discipline in schools and at home. 
Education is paramount for a child's future. Teachers and administrators are employed to make sure that future happens and, perhaps more importantly, to make sure the students stay safe. But the student must be engaged and interested in the learning process. 
The role of law enforcement in schools must also be carefully evaluated. School resource officers may be in schools to create a safe environment and foster open and honest relationships with students, but they are not there to police kids as if they were adults. Students must also grow to accept and trust these men and women in schools to help them not only with law and order, but with life as well.
Of course, this all comes back around to discipline. There are many who believe the world has become a place where children hold new dominion over their parents like never before. With the Baby Boomers heading into retirement age and Generation X and Millennials becoming parents, parenthood has changed, but new parents must foster a healthy dose of both discipline and skepticism in their children. Children, meanwhile, have to understand sometimes that life is not always going to be fair and that most parents only want the best for them. 
I do remember a time when school resource officers were not on campus. But as I've said before, the world has changed. Students, teachers, and school resource officers must change and adapt with it. 
This nation's future depends on it. 

That's my take, what's yours?

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