My Take: `Awareness` celebrates 45 years

My Take: `Awareness` celebrates 45 years

WIS is proud of its heritage as the Midlands local TV station for over 63 years.  Today, we honor and acknowledge one of the longest-running locally produced television programs in the country, "Awareness", which began right here on WIS in 1970.  For 45 years now, Awareness has been able to create positive programming targeting an African-American audience with relevant , current topics.

But it's appeal has been much broader than that.

Top name entertainers, policy-makers, activists and artists have been featured including The Jackson Five, Julian Bond, Coretta Scott King, and Shirley Chisholm among many others.
Thursday, the long lasting impact of "Awareness" was recognized during a special forum at USC.

A discussion inside the Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library was a chance for multiple generations to discuss how the show helped shape the history of our state during its time on the air. 

A lot has happened over 45 years...through dozens of hosts and changing times..."Awareness" has maintained an enduring legacy on topics from civil rights to community building through an open dialogue of ideas. 

Local television stations are the genesis for local community awareness.  Today we honor the commitment of Awareness' long line of hosts and producers to serve this community, including current producer Princess Harrell and hostess Meaghan Norman.  WIS has and will remain the conduit for this significant local television program.

You can see "Awareness" every Sunday morning at 11.

It's a tradition we are proud of and looking forward to continuing for years to come.

That's my take, what's yours?

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