My Take: Thanksgiving

My Take: Thanksgiving

We are thankful this week because it is Thanksgiving.

For many reasons this year, we are giving thanks.  For those in the Midlands, there have been life-changing events in 2015 that have transformed us and the beauty of our state.

Through it all, we have a uniting day called Thanksgiving.  Traditionally, it has brought families together for hundreds of years, and in some cases, hundreds of miles, in this country.  We get to take advantage of each other, which is sometimes lost in our busy lives of 2015.  We talk and share each others' company. That kind of "old fashioned" communication seems to be lost in today's era of texting and mobile phones.  Having real face time is as vital as sharing the family turkey.

So, as we share our time with our families over the next few days, let us remember to do it more than once a year.  Let's have Thanksgiving every day and truly be happy for everything that we have in our lives, including each other.

That's my take, what's yours?

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