My Take: Resettling Syrian Refugees

My Take: Resettling Syrian Refugees

With Thanksgiving just days away, Americans are preparing to join in fellowship. But during a time to celebrate our unity, there is a hot button issue that is dividing people from all walks of life…how should we handle Syrian refugees?

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is among a group of more than two dozen Governors calling for a stoppage of resettling Syrian refugees in their respective states. They fear that some of those refugees may include terrorists trying to get into the United States.

Thursday, the U.S. House overwhelmingly passed legislation to suspend a program to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees over the course of the next year. It would also require high-level officials verify that each potential refugee poses no security risk.

The measure came nearly a week after horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. 130 lives have already been lost, with that number climbing.

The legislation was not passed just along party lines. 47 Democrats split with President Obama to support the plan.

Opponents to the legislation say their argument is obvious..America was founded on the principal of being open to immigrants seeking a better life within our borders. They believe the bill is in direct opposition to that principal. In addition, resettlement organizations insist the background check system currently in place is extensive enough and weeds out potential threats.

While the ultimate fate of the bill still remains to be decided…one thing is for certain…this is one issue that is sure to be a big topic as we pass the turkey at the dinner table next week.

That's my take, what's yours?

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