Community Builder: Midlands woman still working around the clock to help flood victims

Community Builder: Midlands woman still working around the clock to help flood victims

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Fifty boxes of clothing, 280 pounds of food, and 55 homes later, Tanya Rodriquez-Hodges is still leading a charge to help people impacted by the floods.

We met Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges in Elgin at one of the many homes she's been helping to repair.

"So this whole frame has been redone, but the whole door had to be redone," said Tanya, pointing out the damage areas around Berthenia Pugh's home.

Tanya heard that Pugh had been in her home without a secure door since heavy rains around the October floods caused roof and interior damage.

"I could not fathom not taking a shower or not sleeping because your front door is ajar, and you're so scared of the possibility of what that could mean," said Rodriquez-Hodges.

Berthenia's water damage was not covered by FEMA.

"They determined that it was a pre-existing situation because there was already a leak in the roof," added Rodriguez-Hodges.

So that's where Tanya stepped in looking for anyone that could help her non-profit, Latino Communications Community Development Corporation, get Berthenia money for the repairs.

She was able to secure a donation from the Mungo Foundation, but what she didn't know was around that same time, someone had nominated her as a Community Builder.

"Tanya gets on her knees and prays that God provides her the resources to help other people," said Stephany Snowden, a friend of Tanya's who nominated her for the award.

In fact, Tanya had prayed just that morning that more money would be on its way. During Pugh's repairs, the contractor found termites.

Tanya had no idea we were at the home to ultimately to surprise her with the news that she's our latest Community Builder. That made the moment that Matt Mungo walked up with a hard hat in hand, even sweeter.

"So literally this morning I thought to myself, 'Okay Lord, I have someone shopping at Lowe's, I'm going to pray, I need you to come through some way somehow so when he shows up with the materials, I can say no worries, I have a check'," said Tanya. "I didn't know how it was going to happen, but I knew in my spirit that it would happen!"

It's a spirit that knows the power of giving and re-building, continuing to touch lives around the Midlands.

WIS and Mungo Homes want to continue to honor those who have made a difference during and after the floods. You can submit a nomination for a Community Builder today.

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