CAUGHT ON CAMERA: PA arsonist sets self on fire

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: PA arsonist sets self on fire

PHILADELPHIA, PA (NBC/WCAU) - Police in Pennsylvania are looking for an arsonist who is caught on video catching himself on fire.

Authorities say the arsonist, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, lit 11 vehicles on fire at a Philadelphia repair yard.

While committing the crime, a security camera captures him accidentally setting his left hand and arm on fire before running away.

Police say the suspect likely has serious burns to his hands and his arm.

Authorities have asked local hospitals to be on the look out for any burn victims

Neighbors, who say they heard multiple explosions around 4 a.m., say they have no sympathy for the injured arsonist.

"That was stupid. Really stupid," one identified neighbor said.

"He got what he deserved," another said. "He got what was coming for him? That's right."

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