Duvall, McDowell win seats for Columbia City Council in runoff

Duvall, McDowell win seats for Columbia City Council in runoff

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Howard Duvall and Ed McDowell have been chosen by voters to fill the two vacated seats for Columbia City Council.

By a margin of over 2,000 votes, Howard Duvall defeated Andy Smith for the city's at-large seat. Unofficially, Duvall received 4,894 votes in Tuesday's runoff while Andy Smith garnered 2,502 votes.

Duvall said he would bring transparency to Columbia City Council and touted his experience in local government.

"What I would like to do is get out of the campaign mode and get into the governing mode and start working with Mayor Benjamin on things that are on his agenda and talk about things that are on our agenda," Duvall said, "and we can reach compromises and discuss things. We can move forward in a very positive way."

Ed McDowell took the District 2 runoff over Aaron Bishop by a much smaller margin. McDowell collected 820 votes in the race while Bishop tallied 769 votes.

McDowell ran on a platform of fixing infrastructure and getting that infrastructure ready for the next flood.

"We look forward, both Howard and I, to entering those seats," McDowell said, "and, in a very reconciling way, making this council what one Columbia is all about."

Duvall and McDowell led their respective races from start to finish.

Two weeks ago, Duvall and Smith were the top vote-getters for the at-large seat. McDowell and Bishop came away with the top totals in the District 2 race. However, none of the candidates were able to come up with a majority of the votes.

The candidates will be sworn in on January 1st.

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