The Curl Lift

by Pierre F. Fournier, M.D.
Paris – France

The idea to lift selected parts of the face with subcutaneous sutures is not new. The aim is to tighten the subcutaneous tissues as well as the overlying skin. This procedure has the advantage of lifting the desired parts of the face or the upper neck without scar, under local anesthesia, little down time and minimal discomfort and complications as it is a minimally invasive procedure.

The results are not as dramatic as a surgical procedure, but it gives good results in selected cases with young or mature patients who don't want and don't need a major surgery. They only want maintenance of Youth or Beauty and not radical rejuvenation or embellishment.

A special needle is inserted under the skin with a polypropylene thread of suture material. One loop of this thread will lift the chosen part of the face and a second loop of the same thread will moor it to the more resistant tissues of the scalp.

The advantage of this technique is to have two anchoring points. The result obtained is instant and leaves only a little scar in the scalp near the hair line.

Should it be necessary to modify the result obtained the procedure is reversible: tightening or relaxing by adding or removing suture under local anesthesia.

Folds of skin may be seen above the treated places and usually flatten over a period of two to three weeks.