What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical technique discovered in 1952 by French Physician Dr. Michel Pistor. Traditionally mesotherapy is the practice of painlessly injecting vitamins, minerals, medications and amino acids just under the surface of the skin. This blend of medication typically melts the fat beneath the skin and shrinks fat cells. The technique was first used to treat such conditions as vascular diseases, sports traumatology, infectious diseases and rheumatology and to improve circulation. However, soon after its discovery, physicians started using the technique for aesthetic improvements. Mesotherapy has a variety of applications, including overall weight loss, spot weight reduction, cellulite reduction, hair loss, scar revision, improvement of the quality and toning of skin and the reduction of wrinkles (mesolift or mesoglow).

Modern Aesthetic Mesotherapy: A Real Metamorphosis

In the field of aesthetic indicators, traditional mesotherapy has evolved and positioned itself into a new category of aesthetic medicine.

Today, the ultimate steps of this evolution have been achieved in the USA where a paradigm shift has occurred. This departure from mesotherapy's traditional approach has changed the landscape of mesotherapy today and morphed it into a new category of therapeutic results. This new movement is lead by the American Society of Aesthetics and Mesotherapy (ASAM).

Thanks to the knowledge from our French predecessors and based on a half- century of mesotherapy experience, it is now time to focus on a new kind of mesotherapy, a real metamorphosis. The new mesotherapy - metamesotherapy - consists of new indications, new depths of injection, new products, new protocols and a results-oriented philosophy.

ASAM leads the nation in the promotion and implementation of these changes, while also creating awareness about the positive benefits of mesotherapy within the consumer and medical arenas.

New Indications
In the1990's French mesotherapy experts began using mesotherapy to not only treat diseases in patients, but also to nurture the skin for wrinkle treatment and prevention. The word MesoLift was invented to promote these new mesotherapeutic anti-aging skin protocols applied mainly to the face for skin rejuvenation. Today ASAM has coined a more appropriate name, MesoGlow, in the U.S. to best categorize and brand this innovation that formulates the injections consisting of a series of active compounds applied directly to the dermis.

New Depths
Hypodermis is now the new level where mesotherapy or intradermatherapy has reached its maximum of efficacy and achieved its best and more consistent results. For example: Phosphatidylcholine MUST be injected in the hypodermis to obtain liquefaction of the localized fat excess. Polylactic acid, the latest evolution of the MesoGlow, MUST be injected in the hypodermis as well in order to get efficacy and to avoid complications.

New Products
There has been an increase in the number of formulas injected in aesthetic mesotherapy in the past few years. ASAM now classifies them and highlights the more interesting ones in order to achieve these 'mesotherapeutic' results. Following are the products available for nutrition, metabolic stimulation, enzymatic enhancement, fat dissolution and myofibrillar relaxation:

Nutrition : polyvitamins, hyaluronic acid, microtrace elements etc.
Metabolic stimulation : glycolic acid and rectinoic acid.
Enzymatic enhancement : collagenase & hyaluronidase.
Fat dissolution : phosphatidylcholine and/or deoxycholate
Myofibrillar relaxation : Dimetylaminoethanol ( Dmae ).

New Protocols
To paraphrase the famous words of Dr. Pistor, this revolutionized Aesthetic Mesotherapy still means injecting at the right place and at the right time.

However, it is not 'a little' medication but 'a lot more' that now stands. Increased volumes coupled with deeper injections at a lower frequency have also been adopted by ASAM as a standard protocol for aesthetic mesotherapy in the United States. ASAM leads the revolution in the field of Aesthetic Mesotherapy.

From The American Society of Aethetics and Mesotherapy (ASAM)