Totino's viral sensation Angela Williams: 'This is not the last of the Pizza Lady'

Totino's viral sensation Angela Williams: 'This is not the last of the Pizza Lady'

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In the midst of covering the historic floods on Oct. 4, we met a woman who, despite losing most of what she owned, was able to lift the spirits of people around the Midlands.

We were reporting at the Woodland Terrace Apartments in Columbia when we met Angela "Angie" Williams, who was literally watching her home go underwater.

"We thought we had 30 minutes to an hour to evacuate," Williams said. "That didn't happen."

But it would be what Williams said she was able to take from her home that would make its way around the world.

"I didn't grab nothing but two Totino's pizzas out of the refrigerator, and my doggy, and we left," Williams said. "I tried to grab some other things, but they wasn't even worth it."

A genuine response that, at the time, Williams could not have imagined would be all over the Internet just hours later.

"I never thought that it would have went viral," Williams said. "That is what I took to survive. We grabbed other things. We grabbed hamburger meat and rice, and a pot, but was too heavy to get on out the door. So survival was two Totino's pizzas and my doggy."

We went back to the Woodland Terrace Neighborhood, which is still very much in the recovery process. Williams introduced us to her doggy that she spoke of on Oct. 4, 7-year-old Chi Chi.

"This is my buddy, he's my buddy," Williams said. "He's a couple of people's buddies."

She also shared how her viral fame hasn't bothered her a bit.

"It has been different for me to walk through the streets. I've been taking pictures with people," Williams said. "Just inspiring people to keep helping one another! 'Cause it's still not over."

"Katie, the internet coordinator, sent over some book bags for the kids that were staying with me," Williams said. "Gave me two Totino's jackets, some pizza, some gift cards and some sunglasses."

Williams says federal aid allowed her to get a new car, and she has new plans, too.

"Our plans are to move to Georgia," Williams said. "I'm free, I have no bills, I owe no one, so I can go somewhere and doing other things."

Williams adds says she's grateful for everyone who has lent her a helping hand, including the Red Cross who she says was at Woodland Terrace Apartments several times a day after the floods. She adds despite her losses, she's focusing on what she has.

"I'm blessed to have my life and I can continue on with the things I'm going to do," Williams said. "This is not the last of the pizza lady. You shall see me again somewhere soon."

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