WIS Investigates: Still no arrests after brutal hit and run

WIS Investigates: Still no arrests after brutal hit and run

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - On Bratton Street in Columbia, spray paint markings on the road are fading away, but the story they tell isn't going anywhere. The gruesome story is still burned into Tony Gridine's memory.

He said he and his brother Freddy were outside enjoying a cold beer on a warm June night when they heard gunshots.

"When we started hearing the gunshots, as soon as I turned and said, 'Come on, Freddy,' as soon as I said that, the next thing I know, I'm getting up off the ground, my head is bleeding, and I done been hit," Tony recalled. "I was trying to figure out, well gosh, what happened. You know, and I'm getting up, and I'm brushing the sand off my face like this here, and I realized I'm bleeding, and I look around and see my brother there."

A Columbia Police Department incident report says the two were victims of a hit and run. The report says, before the collision, a 2015 Kia Sorento was captured on camera driving west on Bratton Street the next block up. It says the unknown driver was captured on surveillance firing multiple shots out the window of the Kia at another car. The incident report says a suspect on foot appeared in the video too and was firing multiple shots at the Kia as it sped off down Bratton.

That Kia collided with two parked vehicles sending of them into the two brothers, injuring Tony and severely injuring Freddy, who's still paralyzed months later.

"When you saw Freddy down on the sidewalk laying in a puddle of his own blood, was there ever a second where you thought -- this might be it?" our Chad Mills asked Tony.

"Yes, because the way he was down there it was like he was trying to get up and move, but there was so much blood, you know, I was saying 'Lord!' You know, I was hoping he wouldn't bleed to death," he answered.

"My family wants answers. They want answers to this. They want some kind of closure," Tony said.

As they wait for an explanation, Tony is dealing with injuries to his back, neck, and leg. Tony said his brother Freddy is much worse off. Freddy is paralyzed, unable to speak, and destined for a nursing home. He turned 65 a few months ago in a hospital bed at Palmetto Health.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department said the Kia Sorento in question was stolen from a gas station on Decker Boulevard a few weeks before the hit and run. A sheriff's investigator did get surveillance video from the gas station, but WIS is told it wasn't very helpful. RCSD said that all you can see in the video is a black male walk across the parking lot and take the unoccupied Kia.

The Columbia Police Department wants anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC. Tipsters can, of course, call anonymously.

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