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1 month after flood, mold continues to be a problem in flooded homes


As recovery continues in Midlands homes after last month's devastating flood, health officials are warning of one major issue to keep an eye out for: mold.

Mold has been forming in many homes affected by the South Carolina flood last month.

Ancel Hamilton with Biotek Environmental says the problems reported in the last couple of weeks are inside porous materials in homes, such as drywall, wood, and carpet.

Hamilton is warning people not to take a shortcut. If something has been wet for 48 hours or more, it must be removed.

Hamilton says mold tests typically cost several hundred dollars. But, he says if you were affected by the flood waters, take the time and spend the money now to make sure you're not creating a bigger problem for yourself later.

"Materials are still soaking wet," Hamilton says. "Mold is growing rampantly, especially on drywall and wood surfaces. We are seeing a lot of folks who thought they had done the right thing or who are trying to take a minimalist approach and it's just going to not work very well."

Hamilton says if you were not impacted by the flood, keep an eye on moisture levels inside your home anyway. If you start seeing little black, white, or brown spots on the bottom of your furniture or smell something musty, that could be a sign of mold. He says if you do find mold, remove all items immediately. 

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