New interim head coach Shawn Elliott's energy could give him leg up at USC

New interim head coach Shawn Elliott's energy could give him leg up at USC

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - This is a bye week for the Gamecocks, and it comes at a good time for University of South Carolina's interim head coach Shawn Elliott.

In the last week and a half, Steve Spurrier resigned as head coach, Athletics Director Ray Tanner chose Elliott to lead the program, and Elliott made his debut last Saturday against Vanderbilt.

Elliott displayed a lot of energy and emotion from pre-game to post-game as USC picked up a much-needed victory.

"I was really ready to go on that Saturday, and I knew I had to be," Elliott said. "So I was prepared. You really can't plan on it, but I knew I wanted to be electric. I wanted the team to see the emotion that I had, and I wanted them to feed off of it. Wanted to let them it was okay to let it all loose. You don't see a whole lot of head ball coaches go out and do what I do before in pre-game and post-game or what not, but that's who I am."

Elliott said the Gamecock Walk before the game really aided in the energy department.

"Having the former players back and seeing their faces, I wanted our players to see their faces. I wanted them to see this is our family. They're here to support us," Elliott said. "They have our backs, so to speak."

Elliott, who grew up in nearby Camden, already has a heavy investment in the program as a local guy. So does he think that will help him get a leg up on the job of his dreams?

"You know that's a question you will have to ask the guys doing the hiring," Elliott joked. "I hope it would, but I want them to hire the best coach, not because I am from Camden, South Carolina. I want them to hire the best coach. It will be hard press for them. There are a lot of guys that want this job. They need to make sure they hire the best coach, and I am one of them they will have to say no to."

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