TheBigSpur: How Spurrier communicated his retirement to players, coaches and administration

TheBigSpur: How Spurrier communicated his retirement to players, coaches and administration

TheBigSpur's John Whittle describes how Steve Spurrier delivered the message to the players, staff and administration that he was retiring.

COLUMBIA, SC (TheBigSpur) - On Monday October 12, 2015 at 8:59 p.m., Sports Illustrated reporter Thayer Evans posted to his Twitter account that South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is retiring. After speaking with several sources within the football program, here is a glimpse as I know it right now of what happened after practice.

-- The team had its typical meetings prior to practice and I was told that nothing seemed too far out of the ordinary during practice. It was run as any usual Monday night practice is run.

-- Athletics director Ray Tanner was at practice on Monday night. I was told that Spurrier had a conversation with Tanner on Monday morning about his future. I don't know the exact details of the conversation but was told that by the end of the conversation, Tanner felt as though Spurrier's retirement was coming sooner rather than later.

-- Following practice, Spurrier spoke with a group of players, but it was not the entire team. He told the group that he felt as though he was unable to make them better and he was going to give his assistant coaches the opportunity to make them better. He told the players that there are several people who felt as though he should retire and that's what he was going to do.

-- The message Spurrier delivered wasn't very direct and somewhat cryptic. I spoke to multiple players who did not feel like Spurrier was retiring effective immediately, but was going to announce his retirement at a later date. That was what they felt Spurrier's message meant, but an interim head coach is expected to be named on Tuesday morning.

-- There were several players who were not there to hear Spurrier's message and very few members of the coaching and support staff were there to hear it as well. On Monday nights, there is a short scrimmage for young players called Monday Night Football. After practice, while the younger players and redshirts are scrimmaging, the older players are conditioning. Spurrier delivered the message to the older players once they were done with their conditioning work.

-- Spurrier held a staff meeting following practice and informed his assistant coaches.

-- As of this writing late Monday night, I do not have confirmation on who will be named interim head coach. An interim head coach was not named during the staff meeting following practice.

-- There is a staff meeting at Williams-Brice Stadium on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. As of this writing, Spurrier is scheduled to meet with the media at noon for his normal Tuesday press conference. We have not been informed of any changes to that schedule.

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