Palmetto Health shuts down water supply for main hospital, Child - - Columbia, South Carolina

Palmetto Health shuts down water supply for main hospital, Children’s Hospital for cleaning


In an effort to help their patients get clean water, Palmetto Health has shut down its water supply in hopes of returning to somewhat normal operations and having a clean supply of water.

The main hospital along with the Children’s Hospital had their water systems cut off in order for it to undergo an extensive cleaning process.

“Right now we are down,” Palmetto Health physician Dr. Eric Brown said. “We are not feeding any water into the system right now. We've got the chlorine in place. And now we're going through the hospital to make sure that the high chlorine that is actually going to kill the bacteria has reached every corner of the house, every single sink, every toilet, every other system that lets water out is being tested."

Palmetto Health has been working with the CDC and DHEC on the process which includes pumping chlorine into the water and flushing clean water into the system.

The flush phase is expected to be complete on Friday morning.

DHEC will then test the water to make sure it is up to standards.

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