FROM THE ARCHIVES: Emotions overcome Tim Miller when he sees the sun post-flood

Emotions overcome WIS meteorologist when he sees the sun Tuesday morning

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - WIS meteorologist Tim Miller has lived in the Midlands for 20 years. Never has seeing the sun evoked such emotion for him.

On Tuesday morning, after several days of covering the devastating flooding in the Midlands, Miller jumped up from the weather center to get WIS continuing coverage started following NBC's Today Show.

The segment began like many others, with a live picture from the tower camera parked at the top of the WIS tower in downtown Columbia.

As he approached the green wall he took a look at the shot, a bright, sunny view of downtown Columbia and the Congaree River.

"Well, how about that," Miller said about the sunshine. "Boy, I tell you ..."

He started choking up at the sight of something other than dark cloudy skies and floodwater-filled waterways and homes.

"I, I don't know what to say...that's amazing," he said.

He continued to do his weather forecast, clearly holding back his emotions. "Wow. Forgive me," he said as he continued to do his weather forecast, clearly holding back his emotions while stepping on and off screen.

"I just lost it," Miller said on Tuesday afternoon. "It was because all that's going on. I know the people who are suffering. I know people who live on roads that are now gone. I see these people in the grocery store. I care about this community."

Tim continued that forecast and another six hours on the air before grabbing a bite to eat and heading home to get some rest.

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