One brother convicted, one acquitted in murder of landlord

One brother convicted, one acquitted in murder of landlord

SANTEE, SC (WIS) - One brother has been convicted of murder, one was acquitted in the murder trial involving the death of their landlord.

Leroy and Jason Glover were on trial for allegedly killing 61-year-old Michael Carter in 2013. Prosecutors say the brothers killed Carter, then burned his SUV with the body inside.

The jury found Leroy Glover guilty of murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Jason was found not guilty.

No murder weapon was recovered and the bullet taken from the victim was so badly burned that investigators were unable to tie it to any gun.

Prosecutors counted on testimony on where the Glover brothers were in the hours Carter was killed.

Video tapes of police interviews with the Glovers were played during the trial. In one interview, Jason confessed to everything, saying he accidentally shot Carter and destroyed the SUV to get rid of any evidence. But Glover's attorneys say he only did that to cover for Leroy, who the state believes shot Carter.

"I just found it highly unusual that his vehicle could get caught on fire at the same time as his rental property caught on fire," Lt. James Shumpert of the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office said. "He didn't ask who was dead until I told him and, then later on through the interview, he said, 'I swear I didn't kill nobody.'"

What is known is that Leroy Glover was a tenant of Michael Carter. He was renting a mobile home in Santee from the 61-year-old and owed him rent money when the murder took place.

Investigators say Carter had an appointment to collect that money from Glover the day he was killed, and, according to witnesses at that time, both brothers were at the mobile home.

Authorities turned to David Williams, who investigators say was near the home when the crime happened.

Deputy solicitor Don Sorenson read Williams' account of what happened.

"Came back at 3 o'clock, the rent man came to the house around 4 p.m. I then heard gunshots. The white truck pulled out of the yard fast, I said, 'Dang that truck was moving fast!' I saw a black guy driving the truck with a white T-shirt. I went to the back and saw the trailer on fire."

The prosecution, who rested their case against both brothers, believes Leroy Glover set fire to the mobile home after the murder in order to destroy evidence while his brother got rid of Carter's body and the SUV.

Jason Glover opted to testify in his own defense.

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