KershawHealth close to closing deal with Capella Healthcare

KershawHealth close to closing deal with Capella Healthcare

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - KershawHealth is closer to being under new management.

Capella Healthcare is looking to take over the hospital next month, as it struggles back from financial problems.

The Karesh Wing, as it's called, is the skilled nursing facility at the hospital.

With 88 beds inside, it houses a good number of patients and for a while the question in this takeover for both sides was who is going to run it?

The hospital's board of trustees was told by Capella it would not make fiscal sense for them to take over.

As a for-profit company, Capella would not qualify for federal reimbursements that are currently awarded to some patients in the Karish wing.

In order to move the deal forward the company has changed its mind for the time being.

Hospital leaders tell WIS Capella will manage Karesh until they can come up with another solution

"It's a really valuable resource in our community and we have an extensive waiting list," said board trustee Karen Eckford. "It is something that was very important to the board of trustees in the beginning and it's something that we feel like is critically important for the community to have."

Another important program that's part of this deal is EMS service. The county took over running ambulance operations from the hospital as part of the agreement with Capella.

The company in turn will fund the program through early 2017.

Hospital leaders are hoping to close the lease deal by next month.

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