Controversial business: We are not a strip club

Controversial business: We are not a strip club

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Is it a restaurant or an illegal strip club and bar? Those are the questions still surrounding Pandora on Bush River Road -- near its exchange with I-26.

"It's like a concert in your front yard here," said J.C. "It's like you're at a concert. Then, the fighting starts."

J.C. spoke to WIS anonymously out of the fear of retaliation.

J.C.'s problem is the restaurant and bar, Pandora, a business that a Richland County Councilman has also called an "illegal strip club."

"You're constantly hearing the arguing and cussing and bickering and then they bring it into the parking lot next door, and it's not nice," J.C. said. "I'll put it this way, it's hell on earth to have to listen to these people."

Neighbors said that there are more of them out here, and they're staying for longer periods of time.

Last week, Councilman Seth Rose told WIS the county slapped Pandora with a 'Stop Work Order' after county investigators found "egregious" violations of what's stipulated on Pandora's business license.

Rose said the business was hit with a fine for violating that order last Friday.

Since then, as Facebook posts make clear, Pandora has continued to operate and continued to sell liquor.

One of the latest posts reads:  "Fire up that (loud) music another round of shots."

But now, for the first time, Pandora is speaking out.

An employee, who wouldn't give us his name, said Pandora isn't a strip club, despite a risqué photo or two on Facebook.

He said Pandora is being targeted because it's competing with other restaurants and bars.

He said, besides a "minor" zoning issue, they're doing nothing wrong and will fight the fine.

WIS asked the county if what Pandora is saying is true, that they can sell alcohol but we never got an answer.

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