How We Began

Agape Senior Community was founded in 1991 by the Gissendanner family, who envisioned the creation of a quality health care facility supported by a cradle of Christian/Judeo love. Their vision quickly grew to reality, and with it formed an extraordinary sense of belonging.

Agape soon became an icon in the Columbia area, providing a unique approach to senior health care. In 1999, the Gissendanners began to pass the torch to a new generation of caregivers who shared the same heartfelt commitment to the principles on which Agape was founded.

G. Scott Middleton served as a Methodist minister for ten years before receiving his Masters Degree in Health Administration, preparing him to couple his theological background with knowledgeable quality health care. In the spirit of Agape's conception, Scott and his team have continued to build on the cornerstone of Christian/Judeo care, progressively expanding the outreach of services.

The Living Tree, a unique facility designed exclusively for the memoryimpaired, now provides a specialized alternative to the well-established Independent and Assisted Living areas.

With the opening of a full scale Nursing and Rehabilitation Center , Agape has added yet another dimension to its care-giving options.

While Agape takes great pride in this diversity of facilities and care levels, one of its strongest qualities is the enthusiasm, commitment and accessibility of our talented staff. Employees are eager to assist and have been empowered to make decisions, allowing them to promptly respond to the needs of our residents.

And since Agape is locally owned and operated, you avoid the hassles and bureaucracies of corporate structures. Instead, you'll receive friendly on-site service and get the individualized attention you deserve.

So let us invite you into Agape to see all that we have to offer; to discover how much we care; and to be part of our community... and our lives.