Deputy helps save woman after gruesome dog attack in Greenville - - Columbia, South Carolina

Deputy helps save woman after gruesome dog attack in Greenville

(Aug. 25, 2015/FOX Carolina) (Aug. 25, 2015/FOX Carolina)
(Aug. 25, 2015/FOX Carolina) (Aug. 25, 2015/FOX Carolina)

Authorities responded to a dog attack in Greenville County around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Officials with Parker Fire District said they responded to a pit bull attack on 3rd Avenue at C Street in the Poe Mill area. Officials said two people were injured and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

"The dog was not aggressive, he was a good dog," Heather Perez said.

She bought the dog for her mother, Angela Kennedy, for Mother's Day.

"The dog is inseparable from my mom," Perez said.

Greenville deputies said they heard the dog ripped off one victim's arm while en route to the scene. When they arrived on scene, the victim was still being attacked as the dog continued to chew on her arm, according to deputies. Kennedy, the owner of the dog said she and Bull, as the dog was called, were sitting on a porch when her sister pulled up on a moped. Family members said Bull would often react to loud noises and those noises would scare him.

Kennedy said when her sister, Teresa Wells, got off the moped, then called Bull's name, the dog attacked her sister.

"When Teresa come back, I had him on the leash and she called him over and when she called him over there he grabbed her by her leg- and it was from then on. He wouldn't let her go, he ripped her knee cap off," Kennedy said.

An on-scene deputy put herself in harm's way and fired shots, killing the dog, according to officers. The deputy then tried to stop Wells' bleeding. In addition to losing a limb, she also suffered several leg wounds. 

Kennedy said she tried to stop Bull, but he then attacked her. She has several gashes and bite marks on her arms and legs, but suffered non life-threatening injuries. 

Greenville County spokesman Bob Mihalic said the dog attacked its owner, on her own property. Due to those facts, there is no charge that animal control officers could file in the case.

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