Allendale-Fairfax football player claims fellow players beat, hazed him and others

Allendale-Fairfax football player claims fellow players beat, hazed him and others

ALLENDALE, SC (WIS) - An Allendale-Fairfax High School football player claims he was a victim of severe hazing rituals by older members of the football team at a recent athletic camp.

Shakur Chisolm, a transfer student, and his family, claim he and several other younger members of the team were held against their will and beaten in the dark with belts and boxing gloves at night during the camp.

Chisolm's attorney, Fatima Zeiden, said Chisolm attempted to escape to the safety of a coach's room, but the coach told him to go back to bed. Chisolm, according to Zeiden, was eventually found by his teammates and subjected to further hazing activities until another teammate stepped in and stopped it.

"This resembles a gang-like initiation," Zeiden said.

Zeiden went further, and claimed the coaching staff has allowed this to go on for several years.

Cliff Chisolm, the father of football player hazed, said his child tried to fight back.

"He told the coach. He ran. He fought back. He did everything he knew to do to stop the beating," Chisolm said.

Players said the incident is part of initiation, but Chisolm's father wants to know why.

"I thought initiation was the first day you walk through, that gate that door. You put on your pads, you had on your shirt, whatever you had on that day at camp. That's the initiation, you became a Tiger," Chisolm said.

Chisolm has been recruited by Clemson and some other big colleges. But, as of now, he has withdrawn from Allendale-Fairfax.

Rep. Justin Bamberg, who is also representing the Chisolm family, said school administrators have not talked to them and they plan to file a formal complaint with the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office against the other parties involved.

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