Steve Spurrier quotes Attila the Hun, combats 'enemies' in impromptu news conference

Steve Spurrier quotes Attila the Hun, combats 'enemies' in impromptu news conference

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier is fed up with folks who say he's in the declining years of his career due to a less than stellar 2014 campaign that ended with a 7-6 record.

So much so, that the Head Ball Coach called an impromptu news conference Wednesday to address the continued musings of sports analysts.

"There's been some questions in the past week, two weeks, maybe the last month, about coach Spurrier's age and how much longer he's going to coach at South Carolina," Spurrier said. "Now last year I was 69 , we were 11-2 and there was no question about my age. But now that we're 7-6, we've got some enemies out there."

Those enemies, Spurrier said, are making South Carolina fans think he "can't do it anymore."

"They'll try to convince people that our 7-6 isn't as good as other school's 7-6's. They'll try to do that," Spurrier said.

Still, Spurrier reaffirmed his commitment to the Gamecocks after comments over the past year of his potential imminent retirement turned into a full blown story.

In particular, Spurrier pointed out comments printed in The State newspaper from a journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that said he was too old and needed to hang it up.

That's when Spurrier pulled out his quotes from Attila the Hun, an ancient conqueror.

"It's a simple truth that the greater your accomplishments -- your victories -- the greater opposition, torment, and discouragement your enemies will throw in your path. Expect it and don't become a victim of it," Spurrier said.

But Spurrier didn't just address those who thought he didn't have it anymore. He also took aim at Deshaun Watson's comments about the Gamecocks.

"We haven't lost it and we've got a dang good team coming," Spurrier said. "And we're fired up and we're gonna be fired up when that team from Clemson comes in last game of the season. Their quarterback's already challenged our guys. He says we can't beat him ever. So, we're looking forward to that challenge also. Maybe this rivalry will get back a little bit like it was several years ago."

Spurrier says his team has finally won enough games to become the object of disdain from these so-called enemies and that his age continues to be used against him. However, Spurrier says he has medical science on his side.

"Dr. Jeff Guy, our team doctor, says I am physically and mentally like a 55-year-old guy," Spurrier said. "I can still call the plays. I can still run the show. And I plan on coaching a long time."

Spurrier's reaffirmation could also be seen as a positive sign for recruits as many who have received offers decide if they'll play for South Carolina in the coming years.

"We've got a good bunch of players," Spurrier said. "We've got a bunch of recruits coming in this weekend. We think some of them are going to commit to us and they need to know who the coaches are and i certainly plan to be here with them."

South Carolina returns to the football field Thursday, Sept. 3 for a nationally-televised game against North Carolina. Despite last year's record, Spurrier thinks he's got a "dang good team this year."

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