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My Take: Healing from Tragedy

The following My Take is an expression of opinion by the editorial board at WIS, and presented by Vice President and General Manager Lyle Schulze.
Wow. It's been a long month, hasn't it?
Our state has been the epicenter of a tragic national story that has had a ripple effect on all of us.
Dylann Roof's alleged slaughter of nine innocent parishioners back on June 17 touched off a firestorm about the Confederate flag. Lawmakers passed a bill that Gov. Nikki Haley eventually signed. The flag was removed from State House grounds a day later.
Our senior reporter, Jack Kuenzie, summed up the week the flag came down very eloquently:
"What an amazing week! Really proud of the way our state has responded to the heartbreaking tragedy in Charleston--with grace, mercy and a sincere effort to find a positive way forward. It is times like these, allowing me to witness history up close, that I truly appreciate the opportunity I've had to work in this sometimes crazy, but always challenging business."
Judi Gatson had similar words: "The last three and a half weeks have been difficult for South Carolina. To the thousands of people who showed up to witness the Confederate flag being lowered and conducted themselves with dignity and respect, thank you for the spirit you brought to this occasion allowing this day to end with no reports of violence or arrests. Lastly, those who have hate in their hearts ... you have my prayers for grace. It's my hope that you will one day see there is a better way by faith."
WIS and the City of Columbia hosted a forum on race relations Wednesday night to take the conversation even further.  We wanted to give people an opportunity to heal, reconcile, and have a better understanding of each other and continue to come together. One of our audience members summed things up very nicely when she said "We need to see people not issues."
Building trust and working together seems to be an easy enough thing to do as we continue to all heal and make our state a better place.
That's my take, what's yours?
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