Dropped cell phone leads to man's arrest for burglary

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office arrested an Elgin man on burglary charges Friday.

Tony James Williams, 33, was charged with burglary (3rd degree) and also charged in connection with multiple auto break-ins.

The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office responded to several calls relative to autos being broken in to in unincorporated Elgin.

Deputies who responded began checking the area of the break-ins and discovered several other vehicles that had been illegally entered. A deputy discovered a cell phone in one of the victim's vehicles that did not belong in the vehicle.

On Friday afternoon, a Kershaw County deputy made contact with the owner of the cell phone who turned out to be Williams. Williams advised the deputy that he had lost the phone the night before. The deputy told Williams that someone had found it and turned it in to the Sheriff's Office and that he could come and pick it up. Williams stated that he was on his way.

An investigator had gathered other physical evidence tying Williams to the break-ins and upon his arrival at the Sheriff's Office Williams was arrested. Evidence suggests that others were involved in these break-ins as well as a shed that had been burglarized. Additional arrests may be forthcoming.

Williams had just been released from prison earlier in 2015 for auto break-ins and burglary. He has previous arrests for burglary (multiple counts), grand larceny (multiple counts), auto breaking (multiple counts), lynching, petty larceny (multiple arrests), narcotics violations (multiple), breach of peace, probation violations, public disorderly conduct (multiple), assault and battery high and aggravated and trespassing.

"It sure helped that Williams left us his phone to aid us in identifying our suspect," said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews. "I think they make TV shows about criminals like him. His propensity for breaking in to cars and stealing people's property only seems to be thwarted when he is serving time. Hopefully our criminal justice system will keep him off our streets and out of our cars for a long time when and if he is convicted."

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