Confederate flag supporters take in flag's final moments at State House

Confederate flag supporters take in flag's final moments at State House

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As the Confederate flag came down the State House grounds, thousands lined the streets surrounding South Carolina's seat of government from both pro- and anti-flag supporters.

Pro-flag supporters stood watch as the flag drifted down the flag pole once and for all.

"Just because it's a symbol of our southern pride and that's all it is," said one supporter. "It hurts to watch it come down knowing people are thinking it's a good thing in history, when to me it feels like we're going backwards."

For flag supporters, the flag remains a symbol of history and heritage.

"That's history, you know that flag is history," Joy B. Jackson said. "I'm here because my grandfather, right here. He was wounded three times in the Civil War and I have to be here for him."

"By hiding it in the museum where some people may and go see it and not, where it was here it was representation of southern culture and what it represented for those southerners. And it still is even if they take it down," Michael Lucas said.

"I'm standing against the lie that was told about this flag," H.K. Edgerton said. "That it inspired a young man to go into a church and kill nine innocent people - that's a lie.  I'm standing up here because a lie that the legislative let be told around here when they said that the Sons of Confederate Veterans wouldn't bring this flag down and half step it."

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