My Take: Independence Day

My Take: Independence Day

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Independence Day is once again upon us.

But as we prepare to celebrate our nation's birthday, there is a certain degree of divisiveness in the air.

The two weeks since the Charleston church shooting has been a time of hurt and healing for all of us. We have seen countless heartwarming expressions of love and faith. Unfortunately, we have also seen acts that have startled us all.

Investigations are underway into a series of church fires in the southeast.

There have also been regular demonstrations outside the state house both for and against the confederate flag.

We've already seen one clash break out as opposing sides tried to get their message out. While it's important to express our views, let's be mindful of each other and stay civil. The flag's future will soon be decided as the legislature gets set to open up debate.

Hate groups are also using the situation to push their agendas. The KKK and the New Black Panthers are coming into our community and openly trying to pull us apart. It is up to us to not let the hate win and to continue to stand together as a state. 

This Fourth of July, let's celebrate the things that unite us instead of what divides us.

So as you prepare to break out the fireworks and hotdogs, why don't you invite over that neighbor you always see, but rarely talk to.
And let's share the love together.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.


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