SC State passes new financial exigency resolution

SC State passes new financial exigency resolution

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - The South Carolina State Board of Trustees took tough action Wednesday.

Members of the bard swiftly voted on a new financial exigency resolution that will allow university leaders to enforce furloughs on faculty and staff members even if they are tenured or contracted.

The move comes as the struggling school continues to reach a stable financial state.

"This is not a new subject," SC State Acting President W. Franklin Evans said. "This whole concept has been tossed around for several months, even at the beginning of the semester, and so it should be a surprise to no one."

Evans could not offer any other specifics on when the cuts will be handed down, but he did the university would try to notify any employees that are affected by this 30 days in advance before any furloughs or layoffs kick in.

The resolution, however, asks that SC State's strongest programs be preserved. This comes during a time when the school faces a roughly $1 million budget deficit heading as it tries to recruit more students they desperately need heading into the fall semester.

"Certainly, it's going to be a collective process," Evans said.