3 things to know as you head out the door

3 things to know as you head out the door

. - Good morning, WIS friends! Here are your three things to know as you head out the door Wednesday:


Stevenson Trial Continues

:  More testimony is expected in court today for the final suspect in the murder of Kelly Hunnewell.  Troy Stevenson initially accepted a plea deal from the state, which brought the murder charge

down to voluntary manslaughter with a 20-year sentence.  Stevenson later declined the deal, prompting the trial to start.  Stevenson was 18 when Kelly Hunnewell was gunned down at a bakery where she worked in July of 2013.


Combs Back in Court

:  We're also following developments today in the retrial of former Eutawville police chief Richard Combs.  He's accused of murder in the 2011 shooting death of 54-year-old Bernard Bailey.  A SLED

agent read a statement given by Combs on Tuesday, describing what he says happened as he tried to serve an arrest warrant on Bailey.  Combs says Bailey backed up his truck as Combs attempted to handcuff him.  The

former chief says he fired three shots because he thought Bailey might run over him.  Prosecutors say Combs wanted a face to face confrontation.


Cooling Off

: Columbia city and fire officials are helping out in response to record-breaking temperatures hitting the Midlands.  They will have misting stations at several locations around the Capital City.  At

the stations, you can cool down from the spray of cool water.  They'll be open from noon until 7 pm. Locations are listed under this story at

.  Just look under the Big Red 10.

Very hot and humid conditions will persist over the next several days. The high today is expected to be 100 degrees, following yesterday's record-breaking high of 101.

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