My Take: Now comes real work on body camera law

My Take: Now comes real work on body camera law

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A new law in South Carolina means more eyes will be worn on Law Enforcement officials as they serve and protect.

At first, body camera legislation was not a priority this session. A quick about- face was made when a witness recorded part of the situation in North Charleston showing then officer Michael Slager shoot Walter Scott several times following a traffic stop.

The details of what happened after the initial dash cam recording are murky. Meantime, the viral recording begins with Scott running away. If Slager had on a body camera that April day, would a grand jury have indicted him?

While we will never know, the question remains- whether the behavior and civility of law enforcement and the public be the same if we all knew cameras were always rolling?

Advocates argue body cameras could help paint a better picture of accountability on both sides.

This legislation requires the Law Enforcement Training Council to create guidelines. Now comes the real work: the protocol, management and money.

The clock is ticking for the six-month time limit for a plan. As the cameras roll out, we, too, will be watching to see how it all plays out.That's "My Take", what's yours?

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