The Cheat Sheet: June 12 - - Columbia, South Carolina

The Cheat Sheet: June 12

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - School may be out for the year, but add The Cheat Sheet to your summer reading list, and you'll wow everyone at your Friday night grill out when someone starts talking about the South Carolina budget. That's what people talk about around the grill, right?

THE QUOTE: “We spent more time this year fighting bad things than we did passing good things” – Governor Nikki Haley when asked to “size up” the legislature this year.

THE BRO: We all knew it was coming, it was only a matter of time before someone brought up South Carolina's presidential hopeful Senator Lindsey Graham's perpetual bachelorhood. Graham, who spent much of his dating years taking care of his
sister following their parents' deaths, took questions from the Daily Mail Online about who would be First Lady if he won. Unfortunately, it was Illinois Senator Mark Kirk who took the spotlight, calling Graham a “bro with no ho” in front of a hot mic.

If Graham does make it all the way, he'd join the ranks of swinging bachelor James Buchanan, who never married, along with Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson (who spent some time single in the White House) in the category of presidents that can leave the
toilet seat up without repercussions.

THE CASES: The US Supreme Court, taking a page from the presidential candidate playbook, has announced they'll be making an announcement on two big court cases that could impact scores of South Carolinians.
The highest court in the nation is expected to release their opinion on King v. Burwell, which will decide whether or not 154,000 South Carolinians who get their insurance through still get federal subsidies. The court will also make
a decision on Obergefell v. Hodges, which will determine whether same sex marriages can continue in the Palmetto State, or if state marriage laws trump federal courts.

A decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2014 allowed same sex marriages to take place in South Carolina.
Opinions will be released either June 15th or June 18th.

THE TRAIL: Presidential candidates want to make sure you know no matter what state they're actually from, they're South Carolinian at heart. And how to do they go about showing you? By coming here. A lot.
Rick Perry rolled through South Carolina Monday, touring the state's military museum and discussing the need for national strength. Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and Jeb Bush are all stopping off in the Palmetto State next week.

THE WINNERS- South Carolina citizens, and Walter Scott's family:
Governor Nikki Haley signed S.47, the body camera bill into law Wednesday, requiring all law enforcement officers to wear body cameras. Scott's family was at the North Charleston community center for the bill's signing, and said Scott, who was shot in the back
eight times by former NCPD Officer Michael Slager, is looking down from Heaven with approval.

THE LOSERS- Eh, it was a pretty good week for everyone all around. Check back next week.

THE WRAP: If you take a selfie with an SC cop, it'll be on both your camera and theirs.

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