SC State maintains accreditation from SACS, but probation continues

SC State maintains accreditation from SACS, but probation continues

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - On the Orangeburg campus Thursday, there was relief and celebration.

The financially troubled school won a reprieve from the organization known as SACS---that, while keeping SC State on probation for another year, does not call for a loss of accreditation.

"I think in just the last few months we have made significant progress to put the institution back on the right track," said SC State President Dr. Franklin Evans. "We have a new board that is certainly committed to making sure that things are done appropriately. And that it's lending its support. There's one agenda that we're all focused on. That's the success of the institution."

Evans said it's not just the reconstituted board of trustees that he believes will help State dig its way out of a deep financial hole.

"We do have a competent qualified staff of individuals in the division of finance who are now on board and providing the appropriate leadership to push forward," Evans said. "In addition to that we strongly believe that the state is going to step up and do the things it needs to do as well. Last but not least, we've got some dedicated alumni who've already shown their support for this institution. And we believe they're going to continue to generate funds and money."

SC State Board of Trustee James Clark acknowledges that there have been some shortcomings.

"We have people that are working the academics and great academic programs et cetera," Clark said. "But we kind of fell off track you know on some of the business fundamentals associated with the institution. And we're correcting that."

Evans said not only is SC State alive and well but enrollment right now is actually higher than it was at this time last year despite all the negative publicity.

In about a week, we will have more details about SAC's findings when trustees meet and those details are posted on the organization's web site.

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