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Family's special blanket becomes part of Triple Crown history


When American Pharoah crossed the finish line at the Belmont Stakes this past weekend, history was made as a new Triple Crown winner was crowned for the first time in 37 years.

It was a proud moment for many horse racing fans, but it was an especially proud moment for one Midlands family in particular.

Fenwick Farm in Rembert trains horses and makes special blankets for them.

“We break young yearling Thoroughbreds,” Fenwick Farm co-owner Wilhelmina McEwan said. “It's like grade school. We get them when they're 18 months then send them out when they're in their 2-year-old year.”

Wilhelmina and her brother, Fred, help teach the horses everything they need to know before getting to the big leagues from getting ridden to running around the race track. The horses even get to try the latest equine gear.

The blankets are made and provided to the horses for therapeutic purposes.

“With our product, with this new liquid titanium,” McEwan said, “it reacts with the titanium in the body. It can pinpoint on its own where an injury is.”

McEwan says the fibers are called “smart fabrics” and they are made to react to the body.

“When that area needs increased blood flow the fabric will actually warm up in that spot and once the blood is flowing and circulating properly, the fabric goes back to being just a normal piece of fabric," she said.

The fabric is lightweight, anti-bacterial, odor resistant, has UV protection and is machine washable.

American Pharoah's white awards blanket is a mesh material that helped his body cool down. The blankets aid the natural healing process. So instead of using medication for cramped muscles, McEwan says her blankets provide the right touch.

“We found that this fabric, it's amazing,” McEwan said. “It's almost like a miracle fabric. It just does everything right.”

They also made the sweat-absorbing short-sleeved turtleneck American Pharaoh's jockey, Victor Espinoza, was wearing during the race.

McEwan says it's a great feeling to see her product on the track but even greater to witness history.

“It takes a superstar horse and that's why we've only had 12 in 200 years of racing or 150 years of racing,” she said. “They are supposed to be very special.”

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