Councilman Cain still behind bars, faces additional charge

Councilman Cain still behind bars, faces additional charge

BATESBURG-LEESVILLE, SC (WIS) - According to online records, Batesburg-Leesville town councilman Steve Cain is still behind bars.

Weeks ago, Cain told WIS he was keeping a low profile because he feared the police would kill him after he was physically removed from a council meeting last year.

Earlier this week, Cain turned himself in to Lexington County authorities, the councilman had warrants out for failing to pay child support.

When Cain was booked at the Lexington County Detention Center earlier this week, he told deputies he lived at a home on Pine Street in Batesburg-Leesville.

But according to homeowner Judy Turner Fox, Cain is not staying in her home.

"This home has been in my husband's family for five generations," Fox said. "It has always been a Fox home. It was built in 1900. Foxes have always lived in this home, and no, Mr. Cain has never lived in this home."

"The sole question is still where has Mr. Cain been living" town attorney Chris Spradley said. "That's the whole question."

It's already known that he's not living at his previously listed legal address, which is across the street from Fox's house, that home is falling apart and is for sale.

Town attorney Chris Spradley says council members, by law, must live in the district they represent.

That's one of the reasons the rest of council voted to hire an independent private investigators weeks ago to find out where exactly Cain is living, to see if he is following the law.

"It basically says you have to be living there your entire term. You can't move in and out. You have to be a legal resident, a legal elector of your district when you're elected, and throughout your entire term," Spradley said.

Now, that investigation is done, Spradley says the town has notified Cain of a hearing scheduled for June 15, where discoveries of the investigation will be revealed and the council will determine if Cain should be booted from his council seat after hearing Cain's defense.

"What we've tried to do is we've tried to wall off the mayor and council from those investigations, so when they're sitting at the hearing on the 15th, they'll be hearing most of the stuff for the first time," Spradley said.

Meanwhile, Cain is also still dealing with two Family Court bench warrants and a criminal charge, after Lexington County says he failed to pay thousands of dollars in child support.

Now, WIS has learned the State Law Enforcement Division has also charged Cain.

A warrant alleges an angry Cain verbally attacked and threatened to assault a Batesburg-Leesville high school teacher and coach last year during a little league football practice.

Cain's attorney Bakari Sellers says it was a dispute between two grown man and not a criminal matter.

Sellers says it's a waste of taxpayer dollars for the state to continue to pursue that case.

Meanwhile, the town says Cain's situation hasn't affected town business.

Mayor Crapps says that anyone in Cain's district who has a problem, big or small can go directly to her.

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