Group rallies for stricter animal protection laws in South Carol - - Columbia, South Carolina

Group rallies for stricter animal protection laws in South Carolina


On the State House steps Saturday afternoon, a group gathered to demand stricter animal protection laws in South Carolina.

The event, Operation S.H.A.M.E, stands for Stop Hurting Animals and Making Excuses.

The group says South Carolina ranks 45th in the nation for having loose animal protection laws.

"I'm hoping that South Carolina legislators will take us serious and actually do something about the laws and restructure them you know,” coordinator Travis Garner says. “Add some that we don't necessarily have at the moment tighten them up a little bit. The ones that we do have already - start to enforce them a little bit more instead of giving them such low priority."

Senator Katrina Shealy introduced a bill that would make cockfighting a felony.

Other pending legislation includes making animal gas chambers illegal.

Last April, WIS investigated backyard breeders and discovered, anyone caught running a puppy mill faces only a misdemeanor charge.

So far, past efforts to create harsher laws have failed.

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