Buy It & Try It: Force Flex trash bags

(National) Feb. 4, 2005 - A TV commercial uses an elephant to tout the strength and flexibility of the new Glad kitchen bags.

To see if they live up to their claim, Consumer Reports loaded Glad ForceFlex bags with 28.6 pounds of books, along with six wire hangers. Once the bags were filled, Consumer Reports tester Aminata Ndiaye hung them up on a rack to see if they could handle the load, "About half the Glad bags ripped. In twelve out of the twenty tests either the hangers poked through or a corner of one of the books."

For comparison, Consumer Reports tested Hefty Ultra Flex that promises it's "thick, strong and stretchable" and a third bag that makes no claims. It's America's Choice and it costs about half as much as the others.

Ndiaye says all three were filled the same way and hung on the same rack, "We found that the Glad ForceFlex ripped some of the time. The America's Choice bags ripped every time and the Hefty Ultra Flex held up really well. It did not rip in our tests."

So if you've got very heavy trash with sharp objects, Hefty Ultra Flex is the way to go.

Consumer Reports found for everyday loads, the less-expensive America's Choice bags are just fine. They held a slightly lighter load of 24 pounds and no hangers without a problem.

The Hefty Ultra Flex Bags cost about 20 cents each. America's choice kitchen bags go for 12 cents apiece.

Reported by Judi Gatson
Posted 6:09pm by BrettWitt

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