SC State announces $100K donation while board's fate hangs in ba - - Columbia, South Carolina

SC State announces $100K donation while board's fate hangs in balance


South Carolina State University leaders announced a "sizable donation" of $100,000 Tuesday, surrounded by many of the same legislators voting to remove the embattled university's current administration.

State Sen. John Matthews, an SCSU alumnus, SCSU Acting President Dr. Franklin Evans, and SC State National Alumni Association President Vernell Brown will formally announced the donation in the State House lobby at 11:30 a.m.

The donation, given by the school's national alumni group, is in connection with the school's recently-launched fundraising campaign, Preserving the Legacy: The Way Forward.

Official statements from the state's only public historically black college say the donation will go towards "advancing the institution's efforts in supporting its scholars."

Meanwhile, lawmakers in the South Carolina Senate could make a decision any day on the fate of the school's board of trustees and acting president.

Senate lawmakers were presented with the House-amended version of a bill which would fire the current SC State Board of Trustees and place the school in the Budget and Control Board.

Lawmakers have clashed on how to appoint the replacement board. The Senate didn't like the House's compromise, so it's stalled again. Though representatives still say the board's days are numbered.

"When we get through with that process, then in the public's mind they will feel better about it and we'll move forward," state Rep. Jerry Govan said. "Hopefully, that's not why we're languishing in granting the university funds."

Now, since neither the House nor the Senate can agree on the SC State bill, it has to go to what's called a conference committee. Senators and representatives will try to hammer out their differences on the bill and reach a compromise.

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