After her daughter's death, mother continues to fight for tougher daycare regulations

After her daughter's death, mother continues to fight for tougher daycare regulations

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Since her daughter's death last February, Kathryn Martin has been fighting for more oversight of daycares, and she says making change in that area will be her daughter's legacy.

On Thursday, for the first time since her daughter died, she came face to face with the woman she trusted to keep her first born safe.

Pamela Wood pleaded guilty on Thursday more than a year after 3-month-old Kellie Rynn died in her care.

An autopsy showed she died from suffocation by bedding.

Since then, Kellie Rynn's mother, Kathryn has been fighting tirelessly in the State House to get more DSS oversight on in home daycares, the one run by wood.

"It was really hard to see her, but like I said earlier, Kellie Rynn is our strength and our children are our strength and you just have to hone in on that," Martin said.

Martin spoke at the sentencing and said Wood lied to her and dozens of other parents about conditions at the home.

"My son was found locked in her bedroom, there was a loaded gun on the bookshelf, open containers of medication," said Katie Gresham.

According to arrest warrants, Woods was hiding children in the basement and lied about how may she was caring for.

Twenty three children were found and Wood was not allowed to have more than six.

Two of the children were found unattended in a bedroom with a weapon in plain sight.

Wood's attorney said she accepts the sentence but said she isn't to blame for the baby's death.

Martin said she is at peace with the sentence and banding together with other moms to push for tighter regulations of in-home day cares.

Thanks to Kathryn Martin's lobbying in the State House, both licensed and registered daycares are inspected at least once a year- that includes in-home daycares like the one where Kelly Rynn lost her life.

The DSS website has also been modified to make it easier to find information on daycare providers, and view violations.

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