Community Builder: Ride for Kids one of many charities for Dan H - - Columbia, South Carolina

Community Builder: Ride for Kids one of many charities for Dan Hennigan

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It takes a special kind of person to volunteer hundreds of hours for others. 

In our partnership with Mungo Homes, let us introduce you to our next Community Builder: a man who dedicates his time and efforts to help so many, including kids with cancer.

You wouldn't be lying if you called Daniel Hennigan a people person. They're at the heart of everything he does. And three years ago, he turned his focus to the people who capture his heart the most: kids.

"The ride for kids is so important because these children are really looking for just an opportunity to have a better quality of life,” Hennigan said.

Hennigan's love for those children grew into hundreds of motorcycle riders from all over the state taking part in the annual Ride For Kids. They hit the road to raise money for cancer research.

"Many of the children are terminal and we're trying to raise money so we can improve the research so we can eradicate this brain tumor," Hennigan said.

Most of the money raised goes to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Palmetto Health Children's Hospital. Those efforts are just a portion of what people say he does for the community.

"Dan is very passionate about everything that Dan does. He works on a lot of different causes and we work on a lot of them with him but that's just a small part of the things that he does," said Sallie Clamp, who nominated Hennigan for Community Builder. "He does a lot for the veterans, with the children for the ride for kids, anything. If there's a need, you know somebody needs something done, Dan is there."

Hennigan spends hours volunteering. He was involved in the development of the 9/11 memorial in downtown Columbia. But the Ride For Kids, in particular, holds a special place in his heart.

"It means an awful lot to me because I also have a son that's a pilot and just was grounded here a year and a half ago because they found a tumor wrapped around his optic nerve. And so he's grounded now so it's personal," said Hennigan.

Hennigan was speechless when he found out he was a Community Builder. 

People who have seen the time Hennigan puts in day in and day out stood by his side trying to give back a sliver of what he's done for them.

“And that's really what it's all about. How do you unite everyone and bring them together for a common cause. Give back and remember how you got to where you are today,” he said.

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