Dental Assistant

Wow! What a fortunate person I am.

I remember growing up and wanting that "perfect career". I saw myself making and impact and changing lives. I have found that in my career as a dental assistant.

I graduated from Midlands Technical College in 2002 as a Certified Dental Assistant. I was an assistant for a local prosthodontist from April 2002 until June 2004, when I was fortunate enough to join Dr. O'Neill's team. I've been a part of changing patient's lives ever since.

I've seen so many patients come into our office ashamed to smile and when their dental work is complete, it's as if another person took their place. Patients have found the happiness and self confidence they had been seeking for years.

Being part of such life changing dentistry allows me to have that "perfect career".

We would love to make you a part of our dental family.