Valplast Partials

The original, time tested, unbreakable, flexible partial from Valplast®

Valplast® removable partial dentures are state of the art partials used to replace missing teeth when bridges or implants are not feasible. Valplast® is a durable tissue colored thermoplastic to improve the look and feel of removable denture.

To restore missing teeth, one of the typical solutions your dentist may offer is a metal and acrylic partial denture. While the restorations replace your missing teeth, they unfortunately have metal clasps that can been seen when you smile. Visible metal is unsightly and unnatural in an otherwise beautiful smile.

Valplast® was developed specifically to provide the precision fit and strength needed for the fabrication of metal-free partial dentures. In addition, Valplast® has a gentle feel and a more secure fit. Valplast® exhibits 26% greater softness then the acrylics used on typical metal partials. Valplast® is more comfortable then those typical acrylics and in fact, its even 65% stronger.

We offer Valplast® partials exclusively for these reasons. We can replace your missing teeth and give you a solution that is strong and comfortable, as well as give you the natural looking smile you have always wanted.