Supercharge Your Smile

There's no doubt that a bright, white smile is an important part of a healthy, attractive, youthful look. And the best way to boost a smile into overdrive is to have your teeth bleached by your dentist. People who quake at the thought of seeing their dentist are embracing teeth whitening as they did fitness centers, personal trainers and Yoga in the 1980s and 90s, and they've got the smiles to prove it.

While bleaching is safe, it requires a dentist's supervision to ensure proper results. Not only may an over-the-counter product not work well enough, but it might work too well. There is a wide range in results when using these products without supervision. If a bleaching agent is too strong, or used for too long, teeth can wind up with an unnatural, frosty look.

Proper whitening depends upon the use of a custom-made bleaching tray, which only a dentist can properly fit. Some Internet companies sell the materials to make your own bleaching tray. But only dentists should use these materials. Without supervision and expertise, these materials can cause gagging or damage to existing dental work. As with any dental procedure, bleaching should always be done under the supervision of a dentist, so put your smile in the trusted hands of Dr O'Neill today.