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'Falling out' between customer, Chapin Postmaster leads to protest


Protesters voiced their displeasure Monday morning in Chapin following a disagreement between the town's postmaster and a local family over the placement of a mailbox.

Danni Bloom says her family placed their mailbox a few feet away from the road for the safety of their disabled son who enjoys getting the mail every day. According to Bloom, cars frequently crash into the family's mailbox because they live on a sharp corner.

Not long after the move, the mail stopped coming to the Bloom residence. Bloom says Postmaster Gregory Huggins would not release the family's mail even after coming to the post office.

“My husband called the post office and they said, 'We're holding your mail because we don't like where your mailbox is,'” Bloom said, “so my husband came in and my husband said, ‘Well, how about giving me my mail?' and he said no.”

Huggins did agree to release the mail this morning, but the protest continued for others who have had similar issues.

“I voiced my issue on social media and about 100 people have contacted me to tell me that they're having similar issues with the postmaster,” Danni Bloom said, “and so, while he's promised to resolve our issue due to the attention we've received today. It's still about everyone else's issue.”

Huggins declined comment on today's protest, but a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service described the situation as a “falling out” between customer and Postmaster.

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