President Elzey speaks out following criticism from Congressman Clyburn

President Elzey speaks out following criticism from Congressman Clyburn

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After talk about shutting down South Carolina State University and harsh criticisms about his leadership, SC State President Thomas Elzey is speaking out.

Elzey responded to criticism from Congressman James Clyburn who said he does not have an understanding or respect for the legacy of historically black colleges and universities.

"The congressman may have made that statement but if he met me and if we talked he would know I was Executive Vice President for Howard University for many years,” Elzey said. “And I really do appreciate and have worked hard at South Carolina State to continue the legacy of the university so I'm unclear about why he would make that criticism because we have been very very clear about our desire to move this university forward, our desire to continue the mission of this university and our desire to make sure that our students received a quality education."

Elzey said he has heard the calls for him to be replaced said those who are trying to take him down should be focused instead on the students and stabilizing the university.

Elzey said he inherited a lot of problems at SC State and he deserves more than 18 months to try and turn things around.

"It's going to be extra hard to make that goal now since all this negative news has come out but we're going to work to try and correct all of that," Elzey said.

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