Solicitor reveals gruesome details in 3-year-old's death at bond hearing

Solicitor reveals gruesome details in 3-year-old's death at bond hearing

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - Bond was set Friday morning at $150,000 for the woman accused of killing her 3-year-old son.

Theia McArdle is charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of Gabriel McArdle. In court, defense attorneys blamed McArdle's boyfriend, 27-year-old boyfriend, Richard Frank Vermon Bowman.

Gabriel McArdle had injuries from head to toe, but he ultimately died from severe blunt force trauma to the head, according to the Newberry County Coroner's Office.

"Just wounds head to toe for the most part," Solicitor Dale Scott said. "His head was just full of blood, just bleeding all over his brain. He was hit with such force in his abdomen that part of his intestines were pushed against the backbone and perforated it."

McArdle told investigators she was working as an escort the night of her son's death, and today her defense attorney said the child was left alone with Bowman when those fatal injuries were inflicted on the toddler. McArdle, the defense maintains, has an alibi in her client.

"Theia cannot account for the injuries to the child. she was not with the child," her attorney Charles Verner said. "When she came back and saw the child in the still living, but distressed condition, the child was throwing up. She drove the child to the hospital."

McArdle spoke out during her bond hearing about a prior child abuse conviction in North Carolina.

"The only reason as to which I plead guilty because it was the one charge that was holding bail on me in Buncombe County detention facility, but I couldn't get out. So I plead, with time served, to get out of jail," McArdle said.

The bond judge also added that McArdle must wear a GPS tracking device.

Bowman has not yet had a bond hearing. Both Bowman and McArdle face 20 years to life in prison

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