Chapin High School finalist for Palmetto's Finest Award

Chapin High School finalist for Palmetto's Finest Award

CHAPIN, SC (WIS) - Chapin High School is one of two Midlands-area schools who are finalists for the Palmetto's Finest Awards, issued by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators.

Principal Dr. Akil Ross says the honor results from involvement by the entire community.

"I think it's really a community effort," he said. "We have a very supportive community that provides us the resources to be successful. Our parents, our churches, our community, civic and service organizations all pulled together and I think that creates a climate."

"We have an amazing faculty and staff and our students are just amazing," Student Body President Shayla Flores said. "Chapin's such a small place and so our community sense, it really heightens the value of spirit here. And all that combined just makes us a great school."

Ross says once the 30-page application was submitted, the awards committee visited the school. Dr. Ross said he's grateful for members of the community who spoke to the committee on the school's behalf.

"The school really coming together to say, 'Lets pull together all of the good things that we do to make the application come alive.' To really showcase school culture, professional learning community, student achievement and our instructional programs," he said.

"Our teachers are very determined to make sure that every student has their potential maximized and the students worked very hard to showcase what they offer."

Although the school has to wait until March to find out if they've won the award, Ross said he's proud of the school.

"We're proud regardless of what the decision is, of our efforts in Chapin High School.

11 schools throughout South Carolina were selected as finalists for the award. Oak Grove Elementary School in Lexington is the other Midlands school selected as a finalist. The Palmetto's Finest Award will be presented on March 24th with a statewide announcement.

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